Frequently Asked Questions

What is barre?

Barre fitness is a total body workout combining aspects of Pilates, yoga, dance, and strength interval training. The Barre Project’s mission is centered around results – and fast. Our classes are incredibly effective in producing strong, long, and lean sculpted physiques, with the added benefits of improved posture and flexibility. At The Barre Project, we offer low impact training with high impact results.

Can anyone attend The Barre Project?

We invite anyone 16 years of age and older to sign up for class. Further questions about The Barre Project may be directed to

Can I get fitter if I only do Barre?

Absolutely. We have designed our program to include both body sculpting and cardio components. Barre is also an effective cross-training component to other activities like running, cross-fit, cycling, and many more, as regular attendance creates incredible core strength, reducing the risk of injury in other activities.

Do you offer teacher training for aspiring Barre teachers?

We require all teachers employed by The Barre Project studios to complete our rigorous training program, but our technique is exclusive to The Barre Project. This ensures:

  1. We maintain strict quality control over our technique, ensuring that all teachers trained by us follow proper protocol,
  2. As we integrate new choreography, all The Barre Project instructors are up to date, regardless of studio location, and
  3. Our technique works best when paired up with our exclusive studio design and experience.

Why don't you offer online barre classes?

We believe attention and hands-on adjustments from a highly-trained teacher ensures you are in proper form, receiving the safest and most effective workout. Barre is comprised of small movements and it can be difficult on one's own to understand proper position without a trained teacher present.

TBP firmly believes that an in-studio experience is key in impacting the body and mind. Lights strategically matched to each working section of class (commonly known as "chromotherapy") are paired with driving playlists to lead our community of clients through a workout experience like none other. 

What makes The Barre Project different from other barre disciplines?

The Barre Project’s technique is rooted in science and includes a constant evolution of choreography and class offerings to ensure continued muscle confusion. Our promise to you: you will never take the same class twice. The unique studio design uses a rainbow spectrum of LED lights and consistently new playlists within each class, making for one epic sensory journey. We believe The Barre Project experience is the best in the market.

How quickly will I see results?

Results have been seen in as few as 10 classes! Adding barre to your routine 2-3 times per week will isolate and activate smaller muscles groups in your abdominals, arms, glutes and thighs, while engaging and developing a strong working core. Barre fitness creates long, lean muscles and is known for quickly "trimming inches" and developing a strong, toned and sculpted physique. 

Do I need to be in shape to do barre?

All fitness levels are welcome! Classes are capped at a small size, allowing instructors to provide one-on-one attention. Hands-on form adjustments and modifications are offered in each class as needed. We believe a workout should be energizing and engaging, effective and inspiring, and challenging but not defeating. 

Have fun, ask questions, celebrate small changes and see challenge as change. Welcome to The Barre Project.