Class Types



The Barre Project is a unique, attitude-filled and wickedly effective fitness program. Our exclusive technique fuses low impact bodyweight exercises with strength and interval training, cardio and principles from Pilates and yoga.

Each class structure is designed to create a strong, long and lean sculpted physique with the added benefits of improved posture and flexibility. Add TBP's trademark LED lighting, fresh beats and highly trained, kickass instructors and you are in for a total body workout like none other. Welcome to The Barre Project.

project 60

Power hour done right. Our signature class utilizes the barre, cutting edge equipment and bodyweight exercises for a dynamic but low-impact workout. No muscle group goes unworked as you sculpt and stretch The Barre Project way.

project 45

Need a lunch break breather? This accelerated class offers you an abbreviated version of our classic 'Project 60' offering. Don't fool yourself--you'll still get a killer full-body workout.

barre circuit

Hustle for the muscle. This interval-based class brings you high energy barre moves, cardio exercises, and classic bodyweight calisthenics set to weekly themes that are sure to keep you on your toes... literally.