Class Types





The Barre Project's exclusive technique fuses barre work with low impact bodyweight exercises with strength and interval training, cardio and principles from Pilates and yoga. Our athletic, musically driven approach leaves no muscle group unworked; every class differs, resulting in muscle confusion and undeniable results.

Each instructor-led class methodically fatigues the body to create a strong, long and lean sculpted physique while increasing heart health. Added benefits include improved posture, stability and flexibility.

project: barre

Our signature class utilizes the barre and bodyweight exercises for a dynamic but low-impact workout. No muscle group goes unworked as you sculpt, strengthen and stretch the TBP way.

project: barre circuit

Hustle for the muscle. TBP's interval based class fuses cardio exercises, high energy barre moves and classic bodyweight calisthenics to keep your heels and heart-rate high.

project: pow3r (now live)

30 minutes, 3 props, 3 zones. Resistance bands, sliders and weights combine forces for a half-hour of burn-inducing compound movements. Perfect for the busiest of schedules.