Barre Tales

I didn’t really know what barre was before I tried TBP, but I’d heard that it was a really good workout. My first time in, the instructor did a fantastic job of explaining the moves and making sure I maintained the right form to get the most out of each exercise. I felt very welcome: Even though there were definitely some people in class who have been many times, I didn’t feel out of place, and if anything, they were so encouraging. The class was high energy, challenging, and fun (hello lights and music!).

Since then, I’ve gone a few more times and I already notice an improvement in my strength and endurance. And I’m starting to see much more muscle tone in my arms. I’ve already bought a 10-pack - thanks TBP - can’t wait to keep it up!!!
— Kisha O.
Great studio for barre lovers wanting something a bit different. All classes are enhanced with changing coloured lights and music to suit the phase of the work out. Great instructors too :)
— Melissa W.
Music pumping - fun vibes - inspiring - challenging - addictive

Super motivating, friendly instructors who welcome you with positivity as soon as you walk into the doors.

Amazing locations right next to Wynyard and Townhall Stations with fresh, clean studios.

All you have to do bring is yourself, leggings, and a pair of socks, as the Barre Project even provides deodarant, hairspray, dry shampoo, and even tampons to prepare you and to freshen you up before and after class.

The instructor brightens the mood with motivation and each provides their own flavour to the class, making every class an opportunity for variety and discovering something new.

You begin each class by writing your name on the mirrors and something else that the teacher asks, for example ‘your goal for the day’, which not only makes the class feel more personal but sets you up spiritualy and connects you with your mind and body to allow yourself to push further and make you realise again why you’re doing what you’re doing.
The teachers then use the name on your mirror to motivate you throughout class or to correct you to ensure safe practice and technique.
The music selection paired with the coloured lighting changes really make the classes even more fun and motivational to get you through class.

Project 45 classes are a great way to get a quick but challenging and intense full body workout within your busy schedule, whether it be before or after work or during your lunch break.

You always finish class feeling stronger and more engaged with your body and mind. You walk away to come walking back craving for more. These classes and this place are seriously addictive!
— Leah Rose
I am obsessed with this place. The whole business is unique, fun, applicable, understanding, commuted and just awesome. If your wanting a killer workout this is the place to go. Whether your brand new to fitness/barre or really experienced jn both, this place kills it!
— Stephanie Lewis