The Barre Project is a unique, attitude-filled and wickedly effective fitness program. Our technique utilizes the ballet barre and fuses low impact bodyweight exercises with strength and interval training, cardio and principles from Pilates and yoga. 

We believe a workout can be impactful for the mind, body and soul while being low impact and sustainable on the body and joints. We are an empowering team of barre enthusiasts eager to bring all age groups and fitness levels together to realize their full fitness potential.

Our technique is best-in-class.

TBP's Program Development Team comes from leading barre brands in the United States but has iterated and improved upon the traditional barre technique to create a powerful, more athletic based model.

Innovation is our mantra.

Choreography is continuously changed to ensure class freshness, mind/body engagement and muscle confusion. Our promise to you: you will never plateau.

Our technique is all ours.

Only TBP certified instructors are authorised to teach in our studios; we do not license our technique or training programs. You will only find our exclusive offerings at a TBP location near you. 

In-studio experience like no other.

Trademark LED lighting, fresh beats and highly trained, kickass instructors combine forces to create a total body workout like none other.